The March featured Artist is:

Alina Andreenko

About Alina

I'm a 21 years old kid and a 1-year-old illustrator. A year ago I found very unhappy me being stuck in a very unhappy place in my life - studying and working where and what I didn't enjoy, and being surrounded by a drastically unhealthy relationship. This was a point of no return - I left uni, moved out and started to build a new life. Drawing and climbing were two things I was learning and enjoying at that time. I carefully carried them and built my lifestyle around these passions - started to learn illustration (by analyzing works of illustrators I admire), searching and taking little design\illustration jobs. It wasn't an easy or quick journey, and, honestly, I'm not sure I would be here without tons of help from a close friend who was always there for me at dark moments. But here I am now - a full-time freelancer obsessed with all the illustration-related stuff and enjoying work and life full of art, travels and climbing.

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