What is Hopeful Helpful Postcards?

Hopeful Helpful Postcards is a monthly subscription service where you receive one postcard each month. The postcards are all self love and mental health related to try to bring some hope and positivity to those who need it. 


We wanted to think of a way we could bring those suffering with their mental health some sort of regular symbol of encouragement and this was it!


Each postcard has a design on the front of which gives you a positive  affirmation.  The back of the postcard has a written letter. We will write the letters ourselves and the aim is to make you feel supported and less alone. We know we can’t fix how you are feeling and that's not what we are trying to do, we just want to remind you of some important things. Keep scrolling for more information.

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How Does it Work?

How it works

Read the terms and conditions before subscribing!

- Subscribe by signing up and paying for your subscription
We will send you a welcome pack in the 2-4 days. 

- Once every month you will then receive a postcard through your door!

- You may also want to join our facebook group to keep up with the updates!



Please Read the Terms and Conditions before Subscribing

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Important information



You can cancel your subscription at any time for the upcoming month just contact us via this email:Lauren@thepositivepage.org

We do not offer refunds for any past transactions. if you want to cancel your subscription for the upcoming month. you can  do do this by emailing us at lauren@thepositivepage.org we usually reply within 1 day.

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Terms and conditions

Please contact us about any shipping address changes:


Please read the terms and conditions of  buying a hopeful, helpful postcards membership.

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