Mental health is not the only thing we are passionate about! We really want you to recycle the packaging we send your orders in! To encourage you to do this we offer a Recycle Prize Exchange hosted via our Instagram. All you have to do is post a picture on Instagram where you are recycling our packaging! Once you’ve take the picture tag us and send us a message saying #recycleprizeexchange (linking the post too!) We will give you a coupon code with a discount to our shop, and enter you into our 4 weekly giveaways where if you win you get to pick one thing from our shop to have for free! Depending on how many recycling points you get will depend on how many times your name is in the giveaway!

Minimum Entry Requirements

- One photo of you recycling our packaging! (most likely our yellow boxes!)
- Tag us in the post
- Posted either on instagram stories OR main feed (both optional)
- Sent it to us Via Direct message!

Recycling Points

One Recycling point (Your name in the giveaway once)
- Putting the whole box in the recycling bin

Two Recycling points( Your name in the giveaway twice) 
- Removing the stickers and tape and then putting the box in the recycling bin

Three Recycling Points (Your name in the giveaway three times)
 - Removing the stickers and tape and then putting the box in the recycling bin and recycling any product packaging e.g badge or wristband backing cards. 

Terms and Conditions of entering

This exchange is intended to be a fun challenge with a serious message to recycle as much as you can! We also hope that it will bring more people to our community through you sharing us on Instagram!

This exchange is in no way in affiliation with Instagram.


Terms and Conditions

  • Private Instagram accounts cannot enter (we have to be able to see the post!)

  • You must tag us on Instagram when putting up the post! (using the hashtag is optional)

  • Understand that you will be on the giveaway list and if you win your name will be taken off.

  • Understand you may not win a prize as there’s only one winner every 4 weeks.

  • We have the right to decline your entry if we feel it does not meet the entry requirements.

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