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At The Positive Page we care about our world. We are doing our best to make sure our products and production methods are both safe for the environment and for the people producing them. This aim is always a work in process for us as we research more ways we can make our company sustainable. All our orders are sent in plastic free packaging which thoroughly encourage you to recycle via our Recycle Prize Exchange. All our product packing is made with card, paper and biodegradable plastic made from corn starch. We recycle everything we can, from inkjet cartridges to empty tape reels and box cut outs. We make sure that the manufacturing companies our products are made at do the same. All the card, sticker and paper print we use across all our products are made under a green printing policy meaning that our manufacturers only use paper, which comes from environmentally and responsibly managed forests.  For every tree used, another is planted. With this in mind we are also in the process of replacing all our card based products to now use recycled paper.


All our products are cruelty free including the ink used. We don’t print t-shirts long term but all our limited edition tees are carbon neutral, 100% organic and printed using water based inks which are all better for the environment!


Everything sold on The Positive Page made in the UK to reduce our contribution to CO2 emissions as much as we can, we make sure we combine orders together only replacing out of stock items and ordering new stock at the same time, usually once or twice a month. This means our manufacturers send everything we need all on one package! This assures that packages sent to us are being delivered as little as possible reducing carbon emission little by little. As our products are made in the UK all employees of the manufacturing factories we use are work under the UK labour laws.


If you have any advice or suggestions after receiving your order on how we can improve our sustainability we would love to hear it!

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